1. Get your custom designed email
You'll get your beautiful bespoke email designed for your business
2. Easily create your content
Control your content, add pictures and create links
3. Send to your database
Simply pay-as-you-go per email that you send and only when you want, no subscription needed
4. Instantly see your report
See who opens your emails, what they click, their location and even which device they view on

Get your very own stunning custom designed email for your business with full control of your content. Manage your database and see detailed reports on your recipients' activity, all in an easy-to-use interface.

Simply pay-as-you-go and only when you're ready to send your first campaign. No subscription needed. We'll calculate your pricing based on how many emails you'd like to send and you can simply pay whenever you want to send your campaign. There's no obligation - if you don't send, you don't pay anything.